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December 12: DropBox

Dropbox is a web-based file sharing service. It syncs the files in your dropbox folder between all your computers, and the Dropbox site. This means that even if you’re on someone else’s computer, you can still view and access your documents, even if they don’t have Dropbox installed. Dropbox is one of my favorite tools, [...]

December 9: AppCleaner

I’ve been installing and removing quite a few applications, looking for a Blog Editor. And I’ll be doing even more when I get to my next project. I found a nice tool today, called AppCleaner, that completely removes applications for you. It removes libraries and system files, which are not removed when you just drag [...]

December 8: Moving from Windows to Macintosh

In addition to getting the hang of the trackpad, I keep getting confused because it seems like the Mac has everything in a different location than I’m used to looking in. Here’s a brief translation of how things are done on the Mac vs. a Windows machine. Menu Bars On a Windows machine, each program [...]

December 7: Trackpad

December 6: Ecto Again

I went online, looking for an alternative to installing a virtual machine and Live Writer on my Mac and learned that it’s really important to read the manual. Adding Graphics So, here I am back in Ecto. Turns out, it’s very easy to add a graphic to your blog post when you’re using WordPress hosting. [...]

December 5: Ecto

  Today I downloaded and installed Ecto. It took me a total of ten minutes to do the whole process. When I launched the application, it asked for the URL to my blog, my user name and my password. And now, here I am entering my article.

December 4: Thingamablog

I mentioned earlier that I’m a new Mac user. Because of this, it took me a good three hours to figure out how to install and use Thingamablog. This has nothing to do with how complicated the tool is, it’s actually very easy to install and set up.  The problem was that as a new [...]

December 3: Using Qumana

I’m currently writing this post on Qumana. It’s a free, multi-platform offline blogging tool that  supports multiple blogs, and lets you insert tags, save and publish easily. Installation and Set Up It was easy to install and set up. Just download the application, and run the installer. It asks for the URL to your blog, [...]

December 2: Blogging Tool

The first thing I needed to find was a tool for editing and writing blog posts. On my PC I use either LiveWriter or OneNote. Unfortunately, they are both Windows specific. I needed something that was inexpensive, able to work with WordPress, and preferably that would work on both platforms. I also have several different [...]

December 1: 30 Days on a Mac

My first computer was a Mac, a Mac 512. I loved that thing. It even came with a carrying case so it was portable! (Well, if you don’t mind carrying something the size and weight of a bowling bag around with you that is…) I spent the next several years as a Mac snob. Most [...]