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December 4: Thingamablog

I mentioned earlier that I’m a new Mac user. Because of this, it took me a good three hours to figure out how to install and use Thingamablog. This has nothing to do with how complicated the tool is, it’s actually very easy to install and set up.  The problem was that as a new Mac user I couldn’t figure out which file to download from the Thingamablog site. One was clearly labelled as a Windows installer, which I clearly didn’t want. The other two were labelled Linux RPM package, Linux DEB package, and ZIP file.

I finally found a tutorial on how to install Thingamablog on a Mac. It told me to download the ZIP file, expand it, and launch the application. Which worked perfectly.

The Thingamablog site has a detailed tutorial that walks you through the very simple set up. All you need to do is point the tool to the URL and FTP path, and set up any authors and categories.


You can have multiple blogs configured. The main interface is easy to understand and use. Just select the blog you want to work with, and click on the desired task.

The interface for formatting your articles is also easy to work with.

Working with Thingamablog

The editing/writing process is pretty good. I was able to quickly add tables, change paragraph styles, and format my code snippets quickly. It also provides support for changing font, size, and color.

Adding graphics and links was easy to figure out and complete. In addition, I had the ability to control the date and time of the post, which is really nice because I sometimes write articles ahead of time when I know my schedule is going to be tight in the future.

I liked the ability to switch between WYSIWYG and source views, and the ease of adding keywords and categories.

However, Thingamablog is a complete blogging platform. It doesn’t seem to let you publish to a WordPress site. I spent another hour trying to figure out how to write the articles in Thingamablog and post them to my current WordPress blog but only found articles on people who wanted to move from one to the other. There may be a way to do it, but I wasn’t able to do it. After spending five hours working with the tool, and still not able to get an article onto my blog, I gave up. (I ended up copying the text to the WordPress interface before publishing it directly from there.)


As an inexperienced blog manipulator, and a new Mac user, I won’t be using Thingamablog.

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