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Next up, what to use to blog. I’ve looked into three popular tools, and tested them briefly. I can’t really decide though, unless I really use each one. So, I’ve decided to spend at least a week working in each tool. Here is my initial list and my initial opinions. These may (and probably will) change when I actually use them.


I’m in OneNote all day long; it’s what I use to take my personal notes. So a big plus for me is that I’m familiar with the tool, can use it without an internet connection, and post when I want to.

Cons, it doesn’t have a lot of formatting power. For example, my posts contain code snippets and I want to make sure the snippets look good. Not sure how well this will work in OneNote.

I’m also concerned about how my code will look. It actually posts by going through MS Word, and Word tends to write very verbose code. I’ll have to proof the code of my actual posts carefully and see what is actually posted.


The big plus for LiveWriter is the interface. It’s easy to use, and seems to be easy to work with.

A few concerns, you cannot change the default directory of the blog posts easily. In addition, I wasn’t able to quickly add tags beyond the previously defined ones (I can easily make text bold, but can’t apply the Code tag.)


The feature I like the best for Raven is that it creates a local copy of your blog; all posts are downloaded and available on your local drive. Reassuring; and it makes it easy to reference an old post. In addition, it’s easy to run Raven off a thumb drive.

It also doesn’t seem to easily support that code tag, and it opens a lot of different windows while you are working.


So my plan is to work my way through these different tools, spending a week on each one. We’ll see how it goes. Consequently, I’m writing this in OneNote. Tomorrow I’ll cover the process of actually blogging in OneNote.

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