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Comments Policy

Comments are a vital part of the blog medium. They are what makes the environment interactive. In addition, I love to hear from my readers. This policy is designed to help make sure that those comments add to the readers experience, rather than causing a negative experience.

Comment Moderation

In order to ensure that this blog and its content are not compromised, all comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks are moderated. In addition, I am using the Akismet plugin to capture and remove spam.


  • Comments and links must be relevant to the post topic.
  • All comments containing profanity will be immediately removed.
  • All comments containing language or concepts that might be considered offensive will be removed.
  • All comments that attack a person will be removed.
  • The administrator of the blog reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted without notice.

Linking To Your Site and Others

I allow a reasonable number of relevant links in your post. Please do not use this as an opprtunity to advertise or promote your website or blog. Any comments with an excessive number of links will be removed. Any links to a site under construction, or that cannot be loaded by the browser will be removed.

Signatures In Comments

You may add a signature if you like. However, do keep it brief and do not include links to your website. You can use the website link in the comment box to include a link to your site.

E-mail Addresses

Please use a valid e-mail address when commenting on the blog. This email will not be displayed to any readers of the blog, unless you type it into the comment itself.

Comments submitted with invalid email addresses will be removed.